Xbox Gold subscribers get a handful of benefits: online multiplayer, free games, and various discounts. However, there are groups of subscribers who become inactive over time. Re-engagement with that subset is a priority and when major titles launch it's a prime opportunity for that outreach. Quantum Break, an action title from industry heavy Remedy Games, was used for one such 'sweep' campaign. 

To follow initial announcement emails, we created three concepts with two copy variations for each audience - puzzle fans and story fans. Concept one - a straightforward accolades ad. The second focused on the game's hero and villain and how the player affects their journeys. And the third was an in-universe ad with a tongue-in-cheek tone; the game's evil corporation looking for to hire more minions.

Our first concept, the Accolades play. 

The second concept focused on how the player's choices affected the character's respective journeys. 

Concept three was an in-universe ad posted by the game's villain, Monarch Security. Because the game's tone is so dark and dour (and the first announcement emails followed suit), we went more tongue-in-cheek for the sweeps campaign. 

Creative Director - Dirk Hunter
Art Direction/Design - Jonathan Zajdman