The Gap holds a quarterly merchandising event called GMA. Several hundred merchants from the global regions are flown to the NY headquarters where showrooms get set up as featured store displays for upcoming seasons, giving the merchants context for their purchasing decisions.

There were a few issues though; merchants got a single PDF to take away from the event. It was hard to navigate and harder to update if needed. There is also a lot content generated during GMA- videos, photography, style stories, mood boards, and tons of copy - that was going to waste.

I turned the PDF into a digital experience viewable on tablets and phones, gave it a facelift to feel editorial rather than corporate, and organized the divisions & their featured style stories in a more navigable system. 

Because the digital experience of GMA was so easy to update and could be downloaded anywhere, less merchants were required to fly to headquarters and the marketing teams could focus more on content. This ended up saving Gap a lot of money per quarter (the cost of publishing an app versus flying hundreds of merchants to NY several times a year), and informed many other projects that came from the operations and marketing teams. 

Creative Director - Anthony Gardener
Art Direction/Design - Jonathan Zajdman